合肥特丽洁包装技术有限公司是灭菌包装行业具有一定影响力的企业,中国灭菌包装先进品牌,中国灭菌包装生产基地, 高新技术企业,品牌perfection(普菲克)产品出口六十多个国家地区,产品有医用灭菌袋系列、医用皱纹纸、医用纸袋、吸水纸、医用无纺布、卡赛机系列的封口、裁切 机。并在国内率先取得卫生许可批件,ISO13485和CE认证,公司凭借多年的丰厚经验,考察市场终端客户需求,历经两年多的研究开发,研发出灭菌包装袋卡赛机。

Hefei TeliJie Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a global sterile packaging industry's most influential companies, China's brand sterile packaging, sterilization packaging China's largest production base of Chinese government high-tech enterprises, brand perfection (P Fick) exports more than sixty countries and regions, medical sterilization bags series products, medical crepe paper, medical bags, absorbent paper, medical nonwovens, Karzai sealing machine, cutting machine. And the first company in China to obtain national health permit this document, ISO13485 and CE certification, becoming the leader in the industry, the company with many years of rich experience, study the market demand for end customers, after more than two years of research and development, the world's first exit card game machine, opened a new era of sterile packaging equipment.

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